Queen of Hearts

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Eye Color:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Dark Auburn
5'5 (162.56)
Portrayed By:
Barbara Hershey
No longer will my heart beat in others hands. Others will forever beat in my hand. For I am the Queen of Hearts.

–Queen Sabrina

Queen Sabrina was once  the loving queen of Otaike, the perfect mother to her daughter and obedient wife to her husband, King Trigon V

But when she realized her husband never loved her and was only using her for his own needs. She had herself sterilized so she could have no more children. She then cursed her only daughter but forcing her to drink dragon's blood, that would soon take control over her whole body by the age of 23. 

She killed her husband by stealing his heart and crushing it in her hands. She became known as the queen of hearts. A ruthless Queen that stole the hearts of her enemies and used it as punishment. She was assissanted when Kenna was 14, during the mist of war.