Queen Kenna


Child of Flames Human
Eye Color:
Red, Blue/Teal
Hair Color:
5'3 (160.02)
Portrayed by:
Haley Ramm


I will not be in a loveless marriage. I will not subject myself to become my mother forever taking hearts to salvage mine.

–Kenna, Queen of Otaike


Queen Kenna of Otaike is the last and only daughter of King Trigon V and Queen Sabrina (the Queen of Hearts). 

This young Queen's history goes back to when she was child. The daughter of a loveless marriage, which caused the broken heart of the queen as well as her destorying her body so no througher heirs could be born from her body. In order for the Queen to end her husbands blood line she casted a curse upon her daughter. She fed the baby a large amount of dragon's blood, to complete the curse. Making her toodler, half dragon and half human. A child of the flames. The curse intales that if Kenna's heart should break or not find love by her 23rd birthday, the dragon's blood will take over completely, making her a humiod dragon. A montrous beast that will kill all insight. 

This curse has been a secret until Kenna's father tried to have her mother killed only to be found the next day with his heart missing. That event started the long reign of the queen of hearts. This reign ended when Kenna was 14 and her mother was assassinated. Kenna became the youngest ruler in history at the age of 14, she was widowed by the age of 15 due to a political marriage with a coucil man. 

Now she is engaged to crown Prince Thanatos. Kenna also woriships Hephaestus and Hestia