Piper Quinn

Liana-liberato-verge-magazine-2013-december-issue- 6

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
5'6 (167.64)
Portrayed by:
Liana Liberato
If you give me a flower, make it a red means everlasting love, a declaration of love. Plus Red Roses are cliche to the highest form.

–-Piper Quinn

Piper Quinn is the only child of two flower shop owners. 

The young worishiper of Demeter was born during the time in her parents marriage that was semi-staple. Though as she got older their marriage fell apart, causing them to become abusive to their daughter. Mental and physically. She was often left alone to run the store while her parents fought just upstairs. She's a sweethearted girl with a dark side that is her parents. 

Despite everythign bad in her life, Piper has made her mission to make the small flower shop a succuess no matter the cause. She works so hard her hands are often covered in bandaids. She knows about every flower in her shop and what their meaning is. If she doesn't know on off the top of her head she has a book where everything is. Through this kind girl is a dark secret., she has violent lashes out sometimes when she's a lone and she fears because of this no one will want her and she will become her parents.