Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
6' 4" (193)
Portrayed by:
Alexander Skarsgård


No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye. You were gone before we knew it, and only the Gods knows why.

–Nisos, speaking to his daughter

 Nisos was once a prestigious Knight for the Kingdom of Otaike, though he was banished after the rape and murder of his young daughter that he had attempted to get revenge for. As nearly taking the head off of the King's hand, Nisos was stripped of his noble name and banished to the monster island, Hephtu.

Surviving the monster island for nearly a year, Nisos had finally managed to escape by swimming from the island to Dyphi desert, and then traveling though the desert to the city in the sands. Nisos had survived through the inevitable and soon became a guard to the King of Dyphi’s daughter who reminded him of his own. For months, Nisos had proven to be kind to the King's children and as well as their mothers and soon became family. He began staying in the castle and learned all halls and most secret passages. He has grown to love all living within the castle and even Elyon, a cook who had found refuge in the City in the sands. He had fallen in love with her and her son, Phobos. Though unexpectedly, Elyon's father had came to the kingdom in the desert to make an alliance and had found his daughter with a son. Nisos was then used to act as Phobos father, protecting the child from being a known bastard. Though as they acted to a couple, Elyon had fallen from the Knight, causing for the act of marriage to become true.