Maribelle Dalatiidae

Maia mitchell

Cookie Cutter Shark Nymph
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5'4 (170.7)
Portrayed by:
Maia Mitchell
Looks are often deceiving. The tiniest creature or the sweetest man could be the most deadliest enemies.


Maribelle is the only daughter in her family, she is the Lieutenant of the Huntress and Amphitrite right hand women.

Maribelle was born at the beginning of January, on the 4th, to a nymph and a cookie cutter shark. Her name means 'Beautiful Star of the Sea' which she lives up to in her looks. Maribelle is very feisty and dangerous if you push the right button on her.

She had no plans joining the huntress when she was younger, because she plavved to leave her world behind to be with a human. Before she could give up everything the man broke her heart. With nothing else for her, she decided to join Amphy as one of huntresses. She become close friends with Amphy, later becoming her right hand women and close friend. 

Mari, hates her Queen and therefore is only loyal to Amphy and no one else. She's a very laid back child and uses her cute and innocent looks to her advantafe. People see her as weak until she breaks their whole arm in under a minute. She's very much in control. 

She worships Apollo, but also Poseidon