Thaila Thorns


Human Pirate
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
5'4 (164.5)
Portrayed By:
Mila Kunis
I love telling you I told you so, so I told you so Captain Moron.

–Thaila Thorns

Thaila is the youngest daughter of Admiral Thorns and his wife. She is the Lieutenant of the Red Pearl and the sister to Captain Darius

Thaila was a young maiden in the islands, with her brother and parents. When her brother joined the navy like her father. It was just Thaila and her mother in this town of sailors, they were constently harshed by men when her brother and father were gone. 

When news of her father died at the sea from a disease, Thaila's mother died of a heart attack or broken heart. This caused the harshment to get worse, to the point that young thaila was rapped by several men at the same time before she found the strentgh to get up and leave. She missed her brother coming back for her. 

For a year Thaila bult herself up, training herself to be stronger and harder. She became ruthless and cruel in that year. When she found her brother's ship she joined the crew. Though no man dared touched her for the sheer fact she threaten to cut their balls off and the rumor that she prefers girls in bed instead of men being that they saw a women leaving the lieutenant's charmbers.