The Assassin

Danielle Panabaker

Half Ice/Crystal Nymph
Half Human
Eye Color:
Carmel Brown
Hair Color:
5'6 (168)
Portrayed By:
Danielle Panabaker
The Cold is like a long lost friend. It's all I have left. It's all I am.


Kressara is lower class, spy and assassin for the Empress Leukippe and the Royal family. 

Kressara grew up with nothing, she knew the worth of life and that was all she needed. She was once very close to Amphitrite and Maribelle, when she was part of the huntresses. She was once Amphitrite left hand girl, but due to lower class, but extreme talent with her powers and abilities, she was blackmailed by the Empress. Causing her to leave the huntress to work for the Empress and the royal family as their dog. 

The huntresses felt betrayed by her act, not knowing the true reason of her switch. She does as the empress tells her to, no matter who or what has to suffer. She is treated like dirt by most people and is ashamed to see her family knowing that they know about the monster she's become. She only has one friend, Tiburon, at this point. But even that is a stretch as she tries to break away from him before he gets hurt too.