Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Brown and Blonde
5' 1" (155)
Portrayed by:
Antonia Thomas


She weeps for her lost children and rises from mourning, stronger. They would die for her, she knows. And she would kill for them.


 Hestia is the Estrium Goddess of the Hearth.

The first born of the Gods, Hestia is the virginal Goddess of the hearth and home. She is also the patron goddess of baking bread and the sacrificial flame. Hestias embrace is called home, her eyes the hearth. The fire in her belly burns constant, low embers murmuring comforts throughout the cold night, kindling into an open flame and leaping to defend against threats when the dragon awakens. She is the mother, silver and gold, warm and beautiful, with a protective instinct that extends far beyond her own flock. Her compassionate voice echoes of justice and resounds through vast spaces. It seeks out and calls upon every lost soul to brood under her reptilian and sheltering wings. Everywhere she turns, she brings with her freedom and architecture and the love that comes with family united. There is loyalty surrounding her, unabashed and unflinching. But there is also betrayal, deceit and death, blood and fire.