Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
5' 5" (165)
Portrayed by:
Lana Parrilla


When a man cheats, it is said it is because he is a dog. When a woman cheats, it is said it is because her man is a dog.


 Hera is the Estrium Goddess of marriage and childbirth.

Hera is a woman that you do not wish to trifle with. Strong-willed and hard-faced, she is a woman with dangerous ambition, not allowing anything to stop her from getting what she wants. She married Zeus when she was young, but luckily did not step into the arrangement blind. She has always been smart and she knew exactly how much power she had access to. Her plan was not to abuse her position, for she wasn’t a bad woman, she was simply driven to take care of herself and those she cared most deeply about. Her children have always been incredibly important to her, and she has no problem openly showering them with the love and affection that they deserve. She refused to let them be affected by their father’s infidelity, causing them to have half siblings spanning across their entire family. Her children were her pride and joy, as was her marriage, no matter how questionable it may appear.

She loved Zeus dearly, despite his multiple faults and betrayals. Hera found that she was able to overlook his fault in every matter, and instead chose to blame whoever or whatever tempted him to stray. Deep down she knew that this was a terrible way to treat each situation - falling into this routine meant that her beloved husband knew that he could get away with murder and she still wouldn’t bat and eyelid. Consequently Hera ended up resenting most of the women in her family, and most of the women in Athens as well. Her resent often resulted in, sometimes violent, acts of revenge. In short, it was best to avoid Hera when she was on a rampage. For any woman in Athens, it was just best to avoid hercompletely.