Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
6' 3" (191)
Portrayed by:
Idris Elba


Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame. Whatever the cost.


 Hephaestus is the Estrium God of fire and the forge.

Deemed too ‘ugly’ by his mother at birth, Hephaestus was tossed from the Heavens and into the depths of the seas the moment he was born. His lower body was badly damaged and his vision completely wiped out, but thanks to his immortality he survived with the deepest of scars to show for his pain. He was raised on earth away from his mother, Hera, with a family of mortals. Despite his startling outward appearance they accepted him into their home, though there was the small element of fear that if they did not take good care of him then they would face the wrath of the Gods. Hephaestus soon returned to take his place working for his father, Zeus. He never held any sort of grudge against either of his parents, though he never really did understand why he was tossed from the heavens, but the past was the past for Hephaestus and he rarely allowed it to cloud his vision for the future.

Hephaestus worked on the lightening bolts that Zeus so dearly relied on, and was a valuable god to have on side, possessing skills with metal, iron and other sturdy materials that no mortal or even another God could ever dream of having. But Hephaestus would never be manipulated to use his knowledge and skills in a malicious way. His morals were high, and he would gladly refuse anyone who appeared remotely suspicious. The man possessed a heart of gold. And that heart of gold fell in love with one woman; Aphrodite. The two met after Hephaestus’ returned, where the Goddess of Love offered him kindness, welcoming him back up to the home of the Gods when most others would not. The irony of their romance is the fact that Aphrodite is known for being the most beautiful being in existence, yet Hephaestus is unable to look upon her perfect features. Instead, he fell in love with her heart and soul. The Goddess of Love was truly the only being Hephaestus would ever love, and he couldn’t believe his luck when her adoration was so wonderfully bestowed upon him and they wed each other.