Empress Leukippe


Child of Poseidon
Shark type:
Ginglymostoma cirratum [Nurse Shark]
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
5' 5" (165.1)
Portrayed by:
Lena Headey


As the hunter is hunted down, she slays her enemies on sacred ground.

–Empress Leukippe

 Empress Leukippe is the eldest child to a set of fisherman who lived in the South and is the mother to true born children Prince Satanas, Prince Nikephoros and Princess Acacallis.

Once a woman who was deeply in love with her Emperor husband, Leukippe had been hurt physically and mentally by her abusive love. Such anger and emotion had been built up over time that the Empress was pushed to begin poisoning her Emperor husband after their second child. Such pleasure had entered the woman's body as she had seen her husband become weak and sick, and farther relationships with her first born son had begun. Leukippe and her first born child, Satanas have an incestual relationship with one another behind closed doors. Though torn from each other as Emperor Tuatha's death wish was for Prince Satanas to wed Amphitrite Nereus.

Empress Leukippe single handedly rules over the North and the South but many have began to fight against her power as she is using it poorly.