Katheryn winnick

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5'6 (170.7)
Portrayed by:
Katheryn Winnick
All I need is my son, I don't need love or anything else. As long as he lives that is enough for me.


Elyon is a single mother, as well as the lost heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Ares. The eldest daughter to King Borhn and Aphrodite, adoptive Daughter to Queen Helyon. Lastly the older half-sister to Prince Cato and Princess Syrena.

When Elyon was a teenager she fell in love with a soldier and in turn the two had sex before they were married. When she found out she was pregnant she went to tell her lover only to find him in the arms of someone else. Fearing shame, she ran away from home and had her baby in the Desert Kingdom. There she worked at a cook, while raising her son.

When her son, Phobos, was seven her father had came to the kingdom of the desert to make an alliance finding his daughter with a son, she came up with a lie to use her friend, Nisos, the Princess' bodyguard to act as Phobos father. That way she was protecting her son from becoming known as a bastard.

At this moment she has fallen in love with Nisos and plans to marry him for real.