Ex-Princess Clara

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Eye Color:
Hair Color:
5'8 (176.8)
Portrayed by:
Amber Heard
I don't need a knight in shining whatever.


Princess Clara was youngest daughter of King Viktor and Queen Lucy , and twin sister of Princess Calliope of Contraria. 

Clara was the youngest of the two twins by five minutes. She grew up being rebellious and a troublemaker within and outside the palace walls. She loved to be free, dreaming of traveling the seas and the land outside of the castle walls. Though she was always scolded for not being like her sister, obedient, she never let that get in the way of her love for her sister. Callie was her best friend, no matter how much she was compared to her. Clara liked the way she was. 

When her teen year came into power, Clara started sneaking out of the palace and enjoying the city streets. She learned many things that her sister did not know. Clara learned how handle a gun, wield a sword, ride bare back, and fight like a warrior. She learn these things through varies of people, her favorites being her dear friends Captain Darius and his sister, Lieutenant Thaila. As she got older it got harder to sneak out and there would be more guards coming after when she did.

She was later put underlock an key with a guard at every door and window. She was truly trapped. But on the night that her father announced that her and her sister would be married off. The blonde threw a fit, destorying her room and injuring her guards in her wake as she esacped the palace walls. Her sister stayed behind to marry her chosen husband, in order for clara to be free. Unknownst to her sister, Clara's father a bouty places on Clara's Head. Dead of alive for the Capture of this Ex-Princess, Fugitive, Pirate, and Runaway. 

Now Clara is folowing her sister, Staying close and Protecting her from a far, while still keeping touch through letters and secret meetings. Though her life has become complete, thanks to a certain run in with a Prince in disgusied.