Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
5' 8" (173)
Portrayed by:
Shelley Hennig


Chasing a person doesn’t give you value or build values in you. You earn your value by chasing morality and practicing dignity.


 Artemis is the Estrium Goddess of Chastity, virginity, the Hunt, and the moon.

The Virgin Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis was the absolute embodiment of purity. She was one of the few Gods who chose to take the path of virginity throughout their lives. Choosing to abstain from sex for her entire existence, she never desired a romantic partner, knowing that there were plenty of other things she could satisfy herself with in life. The company of her huntresses was more than enough to keep her happy throughout her days in the city, and her brother and fellow Gods. As the twin sister of Apollo, she would always remind her brother that she was the oldest by at least three minutes. Both siblings couldn’t be any different; Artemis being the one who possessed more common sense, or so she liked to think anyway. She found Apollo’s lack of sense worrying, and hated to watch her brother making snap decisions without so much as a single second of thought going into them.

Artemis hated anyone to look upon her in an inappropriate way, and would happily knock citizens down a peg or two if they choose to act so out of line. It was rumoured that she punished the peeping hunter, Actaeon, by transforming him into a stag and leaving him in the forest for his hounds to devour because he dared to gaze upon her while she bathed in her usual spot. This rumour was one that she knew to hold very much truth to it, however she liked to leave the locals wondering - it most definitely acted as a warning to them anyway. She was never afraid of any sort of conflict, and at times did secretly relish the opportunity to take revenge upon those who crossed her. Artemis always had her bow and arrow handy, so many citizens thought it wise to keep any unsavoury thoughts of her to themselves. Her power was linked solely to the moon, giving her optimal strength at night time, whereas Apollo found his in the sun